Small heat gun for electronics

Are you an electrician looking for the best way to repair electronic items like replacing a blown capacitor or removing screens and components of a cell phone?

Or are you just a hardcore hobbyist that is longing to repair his own materials or even the electronics of a friend?

Either way, here, you will find my best selection of small heat gun for electronics. Whether it’s compact, easy to handle, or even cheap, this is a guide that will help you choose the best-suited heat gun for your use case.

Small heat gun for electronics: Things to consider

First things first! Before we start reviewing the products I’ve selected, let’s make sure that you get a good grasp on the different criteria you need to look at before acquiring a heat gun destined to repair electronics.

A heat gun easy to handle

Since you’ve most likely searched for the term “small heat gun for electronics”, you are definitely considering this criterion at first hand.

If not, what I mean by “a heat gun easy to handle”, is a device that has a good ergonomic design, small and compact since you’re not repairing big pieces of equipment, and also a very simple one. You don’t want to acquire a big sized heat gun, that offers a multitude of options.

Just keep it simple, you’re in need of something cheap and ready to be used in just a simple click.

The temperature

Yet again, the temperature that we need to repair our electronics shouldn’t be an extreme one like the one used to remove paint. There is absolutely no need to acquire a heat gun that has 1100° F temperature.

What’s good to have is a heat gun that offers temperatures ranging below 700°-800° F and also offering the possibility to choose exactly the temperature you want.

However, this isn’t a luxury that you will find in all the cheap and small heat guns, so simply aim for something that offers a moderate set of temperature.

Air flow

It is expressed in liters per minute (1L is 33.8 oz). The airflow indicates the speed at which the temperature reaches the surface. It generally ranges between 200 and 500 L / min in a heat gun.

Small heat gun for electronics: My best selection

Now we’re talking seriously! I’ve selected in total, 3 small, compact and portable heat guns. I personally like all of them, however, the choice is yours! Just below, you will find a quick summary of these heat guns:

Heat gunWeightDimensionsPowerTemperatureWirelessProducts pages
ZeopoCase mini Heat Gun

1.15 pounds

8.7" x 1.7" x 1.7"

300 W

390°F, Not adjustable

Isn't wireless

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Wagner Spraytech HT400


11" x 2.5" x 4.2"

360 W

650°F, Not adjustable

Isn't wireless

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Iroda MJ-950 heat gun

4.8 ounces
Not provided, but it's certainly a small heat gunNot providedMaximum of 1400° F, is adjustableIs wireless (gas-powered)
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ZeopoCase Portable Mini Heat Gun

The ZeopoCase min heat gun is definitely a friendly pick if you want to own an “easy to use” heat gun.It comes with relatively small dimensions (8.66″ x 1.69″ x 1.69″) and is also light-weighted with only 1.15 pounds.

Just like I’ve stated before, you need preferably a device that can heat up quickly, and is ready to be used in just a few seconds. Well, the ZeopoCase heat gun is happy to oblige. After you’ve powered it, it will reach approximately 390° F in just a few seconds.

And what about its life-span? Fear nothing, this heat gun is made of high quality ABS plastic on the outside and from stainless steel in the inside.

Not convinced that this product is durable? Well, the manufacturers offer 12 months warranty and offer also a 100% refund if you aren’t satisfied, and this is even without asking any questions.

This definitely proves the confidence they have in their product. Needless to say, this device is also extremely cheap, so it’s a must-have product in your workshop.

- Easy to use
- Compact
- Provides a surface stand
- Reaches its maximum temperature quickly
- Does not offer high temperatures
- You can't adjust the temperature according to your needs
- Isn't a wireless device

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Wagner Spraytech HT400

Wagner Spraytech HT400

If you think that the previous gun won’t satisfy your needs with its moderate temperature, then you should consider the Wagner HT400.

This heat gun features a heating power that can reach 650° F! I don’t think that you need a higher temperature, especially when you’re manipulating electronics. If you want to do a different job like removing paint, then that’s a whole different story.

What’s also neat to consider in this device is his design. Needless to say, it’s ergonomic, small (11″ x 2.5″ x 4.2″), and light-weighted (1.08 pounds). But what makes this device such a good pick is his “pen” like shape.

With this kind of architecture, accidentally heating an area in your electronics will be a thing of the past. You will be extremely pleased with the precision you can reach with the Wagner HT400.

- Ergonomic design
- Easy to use
- Allows precision work
- Has a good heating temperature
- You can't choose temperatures according to your needs
- A little bit expensive
- Isn't a wireless heat gun

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Iroda MJ-950 heat gun

Iroda MJ-950 heat gun

Time to close our small heat gun for electronics’ review with something different. Well, by different I don’t mean a device that strays away from the concept of a heat gun destined for electronics. I just mean a wireless heat gun, and more precisely, a gas-powered one.

For those of you who are skeptical about my choice, I have my reasons. So what are they? First, a gas powered heat gun can provide high temperatures. In our case, Iroda MJ-950 can go up to 1400° F, which is fairly good taking into consideration the dimensions of this machine.

Well here, you may tell me this: I don’t need a 1400° F output, I just need moderate temperatures for my electronics. I couldn’t agree more with you. This heat gun offers a temperature regulator unlike its two previous competitors.

But what about safety’s measures? You don’t need to worry, this device has been tested countless times, and is definitely safe to use. And if you have associated “gas” with “flames”, then I can tell you that Iroda MJ-950 provides flameless heat.

The last reason that made me choose this pick, is obviously the wireless approach it’s offering. Yes, there are definitely battery powered heat guns available, but it’s rare to find small ones that offer such an extreme temperature.

- Offers huge temperatures
- You can choose your temperature according to your needs
- Is a wireless heat gun
- You need to power it with the butane gas

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That’s it for our small heat gun for electronics’ review. As you can see, making a choice between the 3 devices I’ve proposed isn’t that hard.

If you are looking for a heat gun that has relatively moderate temperatures, then the ZeopoCase mini Heat Gun should be perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you are seeking for a more powerful device, then you should consider the Wagner Spraytech HT400.

Finally, if you want a wireless heat gun that has also a temperature regulator, then maybe the Iroda MJ-950 heat gun will suit you better.

If you want to have a look at my best selection of heat guns destined to remove paint, then I invite to check this article.

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