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If you are searching for a heat press machine, then keep scrolling. In this article, you may find what you are looking for, but this time, keep in mind that I chose an unpopular manufacturer, according to the most known e-commerce website.

You may say that there is no reason for us to focus on such kind of builders right? Well, there are other websites, in which the products of Transpro were approved and appreciated by its users for various reasons. Mainly these are the quality, strength, and precision. We will look into that in detail in our individual reviews section. So, let’s start our Transpro heat press reviews.

For those of you who are still skeptical about my choice, then check our reviews on one of the best and successful manufacturers of heat press machines, Vevor.

Now if you are in a hurry, here are our best two picks for you :

Transpro heat press 16*20 inches

- 16*20 platens
- Scratch resistant
- Draw away machine

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Transpro mini heat press

- Small
- Easy to transport
- Swing away machine

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Transpro Heat Press 15 * 15

We can’t start off this review without taking into consideration this factor: simplicity.

The Transpro heat Press 15*15 inch offered by Transpro comes in the clamshell design for those of you who are still valuing instinctive machines, over complex ones.

However, there is a down-side related to this kind of architecture which is burning injuries risk. So if you think that you may not be careful enough when manipulating this type of heat presses, then do not consider purchasing one and take a look at our next machine.

As any typical good heat press machine available in the market, the TransPro Heat Press 15*15 inch offers an adjustable pressure knob to control the pressure.

It offers also a digital monitor responsible for specifying the time and temperature. The temperature can be chosen anywhere between  32 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a very wide range if you ask me.

Another cool fact about this machine is its automatic time reset. It occurs when you separate the two platens, even if the timer didn’t reach its chosen limit.

Lastly, the materials chosen to make this machine are scratch resistant and offers strength and durability , thus insuring that it will survive the test of time.

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- Instinctive
- Extra resistant materials
- Time resets automatically
- One year warranty
- Offers 30 days free trial
- Built to last
- Expensive compared to other clamshell machines

TransPro 15*15 overview

Transpro Mini Heat Press

Thinking about getting a safe heat press machine, while being able to move it or displace it anywhere around your house or workshop without anyone’s help? Well, in that case, Transpro did indeed think about you this time.

The Transpro Mini heat press comes in the swing away design for extra safety’s measures : no need to worry about touching accidentally the upper heated platen while removing your fabrics.

As for the portability factor, this machine offers relatively small dimensions with its 9*12 inches platen and its 35 pounds weight, so no extra hand needed if you are thinking about displacing it.

Just like we’re used of seeing in regular heat presses, this Mini Heat Press offers an adjustable pressure knob. There is also a digital monitor for time and temperatures inputs. The temperature can reach a maximum of 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not even close to the previous machine you may say, however, keep in mind that this range of temperature will cover 99% of all types of fabrics that exists.

Lastly, what caught my eye about this machine is the feature that allows it to be adjusted in height for items thicker than the regular 1-inch width. This makes it pretty handy for wide fabrics too.

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- Swing away design for safety
- Extra resistant materials
- Can be adjusted to thick items
- Portable
- Offers 30 days free trial
- Can be used on relatively small fabrics

TransPro mini heat press review

Transpro Select 16*20 Heat Press

So far, we have seen a regular sized heat press machine and a small one. As you can guess, there are some people out there who are searching for a machine capable of supporting big objects like carpets or wood pieces. Luckily for them, Transpro is offering exactly what they are looking for.

The Transpro Select heat press presents relatively big sized heat platen, with its 16×20 inches dimensions, you will find a huge range of objects that can fit in it.

It has also a digital monitor that controls the time, which automatically resets after separating the platens. So, there is no need to rectify it manually, after you’ve finished imprinting a design into an object.

As for the temperature, just like Transpro accustomed us, it can range between 32 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is enough to cover almost all types of fabrics.

As for safety measures, unlike its sister the Transpro Heat Press 15″ X 15″, this machine was designed in the draw away architecture. This allows the bottom platen to be drawn away, and thus, providing easy manipulations of the garments without risking to touch the upper heated platen.

Lastly, before we jump into the usual pros and cons table, you need to take into account that this machine is relatively heavy (100 pounds) and presents large overall dimensions (17x15x16 inch), so if you don’t have a large enough space, or if you are thinking about displacing it a lot, then you probably shouldn’t consider buying it.

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Safe draw away design
– Extra resistant materials
– Can be used on relatively big objects
– 1 year warranty
– Offers 30 days free trial
- Takes a large amount of space
- Heavy machine
- Expensive

Transpro Select Semi Auto 15*15 Heat Press

There are other types of users who are searching for a machine capable of minimizing the physical effort required. These kind of users are most of the time professionals producing large quantities of fabrics daily.

As you can expect from Transpro, they answered these demands, by creating the clamshell Transpro Select Semi Auto 15×15 heat Press machine. Just like its name suggests, this instrument is semi-automatic. Place your fabric between the platen, select your operation’s time and temperature( can climb up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit).

That’s it, You can safely proceed to do something else and let the automatic opening do the rest.

Just like the others Transpro heat presses, this one contains an adjustable pressure knob for pressure manipulation, and is made of scratch resistant materials .

If you are searching for a similar product but with bigger dimensions, then there is the 16×20 inch heat platens version available too.

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- Safe draw away design
- Extra resistant materials - Semi-automatic
- Offers 30 days free trial
- 1 year warranty
- Expensive product

Which machine to choose?

The machines offered by the Transpro company are extremely performant and resistant, however, due to these facts, they are pretty expensive.

I also think that they are more suitable for small businesses owners who are looking for a machine to last. If you are looking for a practical one for beginners, check out this test.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a more affordable brand, check out these reviews on the Vevor heat press machines.

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to drop a comment below.

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