Vevor heat press machines reviews

This article is dedicated to the Vevor heat press machines reviews. If you are intending to go for this brand, then let us explore together the best heat presses available.

Hopefully, you will understand each one’s features, what could make them great but with keeping in mind what weaknesses they have.
But if you are in a rush, here are our two best picks for you:

MachineMain featuresLink
Vevor 12x15 inch 5 in 1 heat press machine

- suitable for beginners
-T-shirt, mug, hat, plate accesories included

Product page
Vevor hat Press 6"X3" 450W Heat Press

- A hat press

Product page
5 in 1 Efficiency Cup Mug Heat Press Machine

- 5 mugs presses
- Suitable for professionals

Product page

The brand

Vevor is a tool manufacturing company. Beside heat press machines, they have several other products. For instance, they manufacture grilling presses, binding machines etc. They are also specialized in printing equipment and supplies.
I chose to review several of their heat press machines. Why? It is simple:
They are experienced enough in tools manufacturing.

Moreover, when it comes to equipment which uses heat, they seem to have reached a certain degree of mastery. Let’s go straight to the point. Are they up to my expectations? Well, enough chit chat. Let’s explore our Vevor heat press reviews!

Vevor 12*15 inch 5 in 1 heat press machine

If you want a multipurpose heat press machine, this one is the right pick for you. It comes with additional accessories to let you imprint on several objects. Two plates presses of 5 inches and 6 inches maximum diameter come with the heat press.

Also, a mug press for mugs between 3 inches to 3.5 inches is included. The last two elements are a 6*3 inches hat press and of course the 12*15 inches platen press.

In my opinion, I think that the 12*15 inch printing surface is correct enough for your flat objects.
What makes this machine a good pick also is the fact that the platen press is Teflon coated. This will prevent your creations from sticking to the press.
To control time and temperature, a digital controller is provided with the machine.

With this tool, you can set the desired time and the desired temperature either in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Once the transfer completed, an audible alarm will let you know.

It is worth noting that this machine is a 360° swing away machine. This will make it easier and safer to use especially with flat objects.

This machine is also available with a 15*15 inch plate with the exact same features.

However, what caught my eye with it is the fact that there are no spare parts available. By switching between the different accessories continuously, I am expecting the connection elements to get loose by time.

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- 5 in 1 heat press machine
- Assembled and ready to use
- Digital time and temperature controller
- Swing away machine for safety
- No spare parts available

Vevor 15×15 inch combo 8 in 1 heat press

If you are looking for a heat press machine with a bigger plate and additional functionalities, this one might be the one you are looking for.

It comes with a Teflon coated 15*15 inches platen press. As for the previous one, the hat press is a 6*3 inch. However, instead of a single mug press, three are available. The first one is for mugs between 2 and 2.75 inches.

The second is for mugs between 3 and 3.5 inches while the third is for 12OZ latte conic mugs. The fourth is 17 OZ latte mug.

This machine is made to be easy to use thanks to its long arm handle, which is designed to reduce physical efforts.

Again, I believe that the main flaw of this machine is the absence of spare parts. You can’t imagine yourself throwing a functioning machine for just a defective platen. The second flaw is the absence of plates press.

For this price, it is a bit disappointing. Vevor could have provides a platen press instead of one of its mug presses.

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- 8 in 1 machines
- Swing away machine with ergonomic handle
- Digital time and temperature controller
- Assembled and ready to use
-No spare parts
-No platen press

Vevor Hat Press 6“X3” 450W Heat Press

If you are pretty sure that you only want to imprint on hats, then this machine is definitely for you. The Vevor hat press is an entry-level machine designed only for hats imprinting.

It is made of a 6 *3 inches curved element. Just like the previous ones, it comes as a swing away machine. Again, I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of this feature. With a swing away, you are less prone to accidents and burn injuries.

with the springs on top of the heating element, the pressure is evenly distributed on the hat. Your products will be less subject to cracks and failure with this feature. This is important in this case because it is far more difficult to apply an even pressure on non-flat surfaces.  

However, according to some users, it can be time-consuming for beginners to learn how to adjust the hat to get a perfect print.

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- Digital timer and temperature controler
- Pressure elements
- No replacement or alternatives for the hat press
- Needs trials and experience to learn how to adjust the hat

5 in 1 Efficiency Cup Mug Heat Press Machine 

The 5 in 1 cup mug heat press machine is a heat press machine mainly designed for high-efficiency mugs imprinting. This machine is definitely destined for people who are running mugs imprinting business and hardcore hobbyists.

It comes with 5 different digital controllers. They can be used separately or together. You can, for example, start a first batch for a certain period of time then later start another batch with 3 other mugs for different parameters.

The presses platens are made of aluminum, a good material for its heat transfer capacities but also a lightweight one as well.

However, what could have been interesting to see is the possibility to control all the plates with one controller. In the meantime, if you have the same configuration, you will have to set it for all the mugs.

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- High efficiency mugs imprinting
- Changeable heating element
- No synchronization between the different timers.
- Not very popular, so there is not many opinions about it.

Auto open 16×20 Hydraulic press

The auto open hydraulic press is a heat press machine designed for flat objects imprinting. It is made for businesses and small assembly line.

The fact that the press is hydraulic means that it is possible to apply more pressure on the objects. Thus, you can use it to transfer designs on harder objects than usual. Example: metal sheets, rock photos, mouse pads, etc…

Using the machine’s LCD, it is possible to adjust the pressure, the time and also to save up to 6 favorite parameters.

The auto open feature releases the press when the configured time is over. The quantitative functionality is helpful to know when your bulk processing is over.

Finally, the 16*20 platens are wide enough to let you imprint on fabrics with relatively big dimensions.

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- Semi-automatic heat press
- Quantitative counting feature
- Expensive
- No swing away design

Vevor 16×24 heat press 2250W

This machine from Vevor is definitely for professionals in the T-shirt imprinting business. It comes with 16×24 platens making possible the imprinting on large objects. The digital controller is one of its kind. You can control the temperature with a precision of 1°. The swing away facilitate the manipulation.

Finally, the materials chosen for the heat transfer platens ensure that the machine won’t stick to any parts of the board.

>>>>Check product<<<<

- Well chosen materials,
- Precise temperature control
- Pleasant design
- Large plate
- Expensive
- No feedbacks from many users so far


Now that we went together through various Vevor heat press reviews, you might wonder which one is made for you. If you are just starting an imprinting business, the 12*15 inch 5 in 1 heat press machine is the right pick for you.

However, if you are an advanced user and/or you want to specialize in a particular product, I advise you to go for a dedicated type machine. For instance, if you want a T-shirt press, Vevor 16×24 press is a good choice. However, for hat imprinting, the hat press is the definitive choice.

Finally, let’s not forget the 5 in 1 efficient mug press machine for mugs lovers out there.

If you are a beginner and still hesitating, check out our awesome article about heat press machines for beginners. However, if you just want a machine for home use, check out this one.

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