Brother scan and cut 2 CM350 features reviews

Today, I am going to talk about one of the most popular vinyl cutting machines. To be precise, I am going to take you through Brother scan and cut 2 CM350 reviews.

For those who don’t know Brother, it is a well known Japanese manufacturer of electronic equipment. It sells quite a range of devices: printers, computers, sewing machines, fax machines, etc… In short, when it comes to machines and electronics they know what they are doing.

As I said, I will focus on the different aspects of the CM350. I will show you eventually its strengths and weaknesses. Finally, I will make a comparison between it and the machine of the first generation.

Brother scan and cut 2 CM350 review

Lets start with the brother scanNcut CM350 review.

This machine is one of the second generations of the scanNcut family of products. It has many features that we are going to explore in an instant.

To get to the point, you can use it to draw or to cut on several fabrics such as paper, heat transfer sheets and even fabrics as long as you use the suitable accessories.

The scanner

First things first! The brother CM350 scanNcut has an integrated scanner. You may ask yourself: why on earth do I need a scanner in a Vinyl cutting machine? I just want to cut my designs that is all.

Well, the answer is simple. If you have an interesting design which you want to reproduce and cut for instance on a transfer paper to use it with a heat transfer machine, you will definitely need to scan it on your machine.

Trust me, this will make your life a lot easier. Also, the scanner is a 300 DPI (dot per inch). It is a decent resolution for the use cases of the CM350. The maximum scanning area, however, is of 11.7″*11.7″

Brother CM350 scanNcut 2
Brother CM350 scanNcut 2

The scanner has 3 different options:

scan options for CM350
The 3 different scan options

The first option is the “direct cut” mode. In this mode, you can scan a printed image and transfer it to any compatible support.

Then you decide on what to keep and what to leave for your picture. For example, you can choose many different shapes and how to cut it.

The second option is the “scan to USB”. This one is used to scan your images and put them simply on a USB drive.

The last option is the “Scan to cut data”. The purpose of this feature is to scan some desired images, store them on the machine memory, a USB drive, a computer or even an online platform.

Then, the next step would be to cut this pattern. Of course, you need to feed the device with desired cutting materials. The difference between this mode and the first one is that in the “direct cut mode”, you scan your image then without storing it, the machine cuts the scanned image.

However, in the “scan to cut data”, you scan an image, store it then cut it on a different material.

The patterns

The brother CM350 comes with 631 built-in patterns which you can either draw with the pen or cut with the blade. In order to do that, choose first your pattern. Then load the mat with the sheet and scan it. Finally, place the pattern that you have previously adjusted and put it where you want to.

configured pattern

placement of the pattern on the scanned sheet

The screen and the user interface

In order to use the functionality of the ScanNCut CM350, there is an LCD touch screen. It can be used with a provided tactical pen to add precision to your selections.

CM350 digital screen
CM350 digital screen

Alongside the digital screen, there are 5 buttons. You can find of course the classical power button, the home button and the one for the parameters.

The button on top of the start-stop is the one used to scan and to cut the patterns. In my opinion, there is not much to remember about the buttons. This makes the use of the machine really easier.


With this machine, it is possible to load images to cut or to draw using a computer connected via a USB cable or WIFI. It is even possible to load them using the free ScanNCut Canvas application.

SVG support

The ScanNcut comes with SVG readability. In other words, you can load directly your images coming from you favorite image editing software without going through an intermediate software to put it under the right format.


The ScanNcut 2 or as I like to call it, the “scan and cut 2” comes with a free web-based application to let you create your design. Previously, it was called ScanNcut Canvas but now they changed its name to CanvasWorkSpace for the web.

With these apps, you can do whatever you want with your designs. It is possible to start from scratch, edit or resize them. Of course, every project you start is safely stored on the application’s servers. You can also access users tutorials to understand how to get started with your vinyl cutter.

There is also a desktop version of this app called simply CanvasWorkSpace. It is supposed to offer more advanced design editing features than the cloud-based application.


The machine comes with a blade for cutting, a pen holder and 2 marker pens for drawing, a stylus pen for the screen and also a small spatula to remove your designs once cut. It also comes with a 12*12 inches mat on which you will place your fabrics, vinyl transfers papers etc.

brother ScanNcut 12*12 mat
brother ScanNcut 12*12 mat

Brother Scan and cut 2 CM350 customer review

The reviews of the brother scan and cut 2 CM350 are mostly positive. People like especially the scanner in the machine, the number of resources online and also its speed and accuracy. However, some of them found that getting started with the machine can be a bit difficult.

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Brother Scan and cut features CM300 review

Brother CM350 vs CM300

The brother CM300 is from the first generation of the scan and cut vinyl cutting machines. It is the successor as you might have guessed it of the CM350. Since you are well aware of the capabilities of the CM350, I will highlight the capabilities of both machines.

300DPI ScannerXX
LCD touchscreenXX(30% larger than the previous one)
Wireless design transferX
Direct usb transferX
Color recognition for scanningX
SVG files supportX
Access to CanvasWorkspaceXX
Standard bladeXX
2 pens and pen holderXX
Stylus pen and spatulaXX
Built in patternsXX

Since the CM350 is an improvement of the CM300, this model is almost discarded and hard to find.

Brother CM350: Verdict

It is time now to wrap everything up to make a conclusion. Here is a list of the pros and cons of the machine.


  • The scanner capabilities
  • The quality of the cuts, drawings, and scanning
  • The available choices for the user
  • The nice customer feedbacks
  • The quality of the resources about the CM350
  • The free software


  • CanvasWorkSpace is basic compared to other software such as Photoshop
  • A bit expensive
  • Some users might have difficulties to learn how to use

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The brother ScanNcut 2 cm350 is a nice machine to have if you want one with an integrated scanner. It will be a good addition alongside your heat press if you want to push your hobby and business furthermore.

For more information about heat press machines, feel free to check this article.

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