Best heat gun for phone repair

If you are looking to repair your phone, or most likely, you are a technician specialized in cell phone repairs, then you already know that acquiring the best tools can mean a great difference between an easy and successful job, and between a time-consuming and even sometimes a failed job.

For those of you who are still wondering why would you need a heat gun to repair a phone, the answer is simple.

With the extremely elevated temperature that the heat gun can provide, you can open the screen of the phone, as well as remove its components without using a brute force method that can risk to permanently damage your precious “patient”. This can happen because high temperatures will act on the adhesives that stick the different parts of the phone together, and so, you will be able to separate them easily.

Now that we’ve highlighted the obvious, what should you expect to find in this article? Well, here, you will find my selection of the best heat gun for phone repair.

Best heat gun for phone repair: Things to consider

But before starting this review, let’s first take a look at the things you should consider in a good heat gun that can be used to repair phones.

The temperature

This is the very same reason behind acquiring a heat gun in the first place. As you can tell, a cell phone is a delicate object that needs a lot of attention especially when you’re looking to manipulate its internal components.

So you can’t just use a heat gun that works only with 1100° F, because you may damage your phone. At the same time, if you are wielding a heat gun that provides low temperatures, you may lose time in the heating process, and sometimes even fail to open your phone properly.

The power

It is expressed in Watts. The more important it is, the more powerful and quickly working your machine will be. So if you want a heat gun that heats up quickly, always consider a powerful one.

Air flow

It is expressed in liters per minute (1L is 33.8 oz). The airflow indicates the speed at which the temperature reaches the surface. It ranges between 200 and 500 L / min.

LCD display

If you are the kind of person that always forgets the last numbers you’ve chosen, then having an LCD display will definitely be welcomed, as it will allow you to check your last temperature settings.

Best heat gun for phone repair: My selection

Now things are starting to get serious. This is why you’re reading this article right? Well, after meticulously searching the web, I’ve come to consider three heat guns that will be perfect to repair phones. This is a quick summary of what we will be viewing:

Heat gunWeightDimensionsPowerTemperatureProducts pages
ZeopoCase mini Heat Gun

1.15 pounds

8.7" x 1.7" x 1.7"

300 W

Click here

1.9 pounds

9.38" x 3" x 9.62"

1350 W

750° and 1000° F
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Tacklife HGP70AC

2.51 pounds

10.8" x 10.6" x 3.6"

1500 W

122℉, 752℉, and 1022℉
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ZeopoCase Portable Mini Heat Gun

This the ultimate heat gun for phone repair and in general, for electronics. It comes with an 8.66″ x 1.69″ x 1.69″ dimension and only weights around 1.15 pounds.

You almost can’t find a more compact machine. In addition to that, I personally like the surface stand that will allow you to put this heat gun aside, without the need to interrupt what you’re doing completely.

We can all agree that with this design, ZeopoCase can be a friendly pick, especially when you’re working in a small workshop and every little space can be crucial to your needs.

But, is this heat gun still a reliable pick? Well, if by reliable, you mean a device that can provide you with a constant temperature going around 390°F / 200°C, then the answer is definitely yes.

However, if you think that this temperature won’t be enough to conquer the strongest of the adhesives you work with, then maybe you should consider my next choice.

- Easy to use
- Compact
- Provides a surface stand
- Reaches its maximum temperature quickly
- Does not offer high temperatures
- You can't adjust the temperature according to your needs
- Isn't a wireless device

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The Black+Decker heat gun may have bigger dimensions (9.4″ x 3″ x 9.6″), and is a little bit heavier (1.9 pounds) compared to the ZeopoCase machine, but you may be wrong to discard it as “unfit for the job”.

The differences in weight and dimensions can be easily understood. As you can guess, with these kinds of features, you should expect more power and certainly higher temperatures choices, and it’s definitely the case.

With the Black+Decker HG1300, you can choose between 750° and 1000° F depending on your use case. Many may say that this is too much for a phone, but I honestly think that it depends on many factors.

If for example, you need to open the screen of a phone with strong adhesives, then a 750° F may do the job in just a few seconds. But if you aren’t careful enough, you can certainly damage your device. So this is why I have chosen a safer heat gun, which we will be viewing just after the “pros and cons” table of the Black+Decker HG1300.

- Easy to operate
- Provides dual temperature options
- Built-in stand for easy cool down
- Temperature choices are too high

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Tacklife HGP70AC heat gun

If you want to have access to a powerful heat gun that can allow you to choose low and high temperatures at the same time, then Tacklife HGP70AC should be perfect for you.

With this heat gun, you can choose between 3 preset temperatures: 122℉, 752℉, and 1022℉.

What is also interesting to note, is the long life-span of this product. Apparently, the constructors did test it out, and they’ve concluded that you can use this heat gun at its maximum temperature for 500 continuous hours. Pretty impressive!

As I’ve stated before, Tacklife HGP70AC can reach 1022° F. But the question that remains is this: How much time does it take it to reach it? Well, you don’t need to worry, with its 1500 W power, be certain that this will be just a matter of seconds.

- Provides 3 preset tempratures
- Good power
- Huge life-span
- You can't choose a specific temperature different from the preset ones

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That’s it for our best heat gun for phone repair review! As you can see, I’ve selected three heat guns that are well-appreciated by many users, and each one of them does provide unique features.

In sum, if you are looking for a compact and small heat gun, then ZeopoCase Portable Mini Heat Gun is definitely what you should consider.

On the other hand, if you want one that provides huge temperatures, then you should go for the BLACK+DECKER HG1300.

Finally, if you think that you need something between the two, in other words, a heat gun that offers low and high temperatures at the same time, then Tacklife HGP70AC should satisfy your needs.

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